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After using a high body shampoo, I get this. Just joking. But hair flips are really cool now. My upkeep on my dreads is pretty simple and yes, I wash my hair. I use KnottyBoy dread soap, its all natural and smells really good. You can order it online or at your local cool beauty supply shop. I wash my scalp regularly, but I don't have to wash my dreads much.

2002 Since these pictures were taken, my dreads have grown to half way down my back! I get my dreads maintained (Yes, maintained) by Masou at Paper Rock Scissors in Venice Beach, Cali. Basically, that means, tightened at the base so they look good and not like crap. Drying my dreadlocks takes about 3 hours under a bonnet dryer or 4 hours in the sun. I still use Knotty Boy products and enjoy dying my locks different colors.

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